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Selecting a domain name is not a difficult job, but finding a domain name ideas that promise great results can be tricky. With the help of a domain name that search engines will like, you can rest assured that you have secured a good start for your business. Of course, search engine results depend on few other factors, but without a good domain name, you will definitely have problems ranking your website higher. Domain names are also a type of names that you will have to share publicly. This is a significant characteristic of your business and that’s why doing research one domain name ideas is a smart thing to do. Now let’s check some things that can help you make a good domain name selection.

Using suffixes

If you do some research you will notice that domain names that contain one generic word are already taken. But, there’s a solution to this problem and it comes in the shape of suffixes. Namely, you can add short suffixes that will not change the meaning of the main word. On the contrary, they will strengthen the main word. Of course, you will have to use catchy suffixes like plus, pro, deluxe or similar suffixes at the end of the domain name.

Geo location

In case you are targeting an audience that comes from a specific geographical region, then you can also use a country specific top level domain. Known as ccTLD these domains allow you to get a note of authority in a specific country. For instance, in case most of your clients are coming from Canada, you can use .ca top level domain. It’s worth mentioning that some countries use complex top level domains like in the United Kingdom and in Australia. What’s great about this solution is that you will find an available domain name in an easier way compared to standard domain extensions like .com or .org.

Simple and short names

When it comes to domain name ideas, it doesn’t really matter what method you will use to come up with domain name ideas – classic brainstorming or domain name generators – you should always focus on short and simple names. The name that you will use for your website must be easy to remember and pronounce. Overly complicated names are turning visitors away because they will have problems typing the address of your business website.

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